Yelawolf Revs Up His Flow & Angst Over Travis Barker Drums (Audio)

Yelawolf and Travis Barker’s working relationship has long been established, thanks to “Psycho White.” Both artists blend their love of Hip-Hop with Rock & Roll, and Punk culture. Today (February 12), Sway In The Morning premiered the pair’s latest collaboration, “Out Of Control.”

The song features Travis laying down a pounding drum beat that speaks to Rock and Rap Heads. Then, with his flow already in fourth gear, Catfish Billy comes in and bends around the beats nimbly. The MC uses the chorus to show how he wants to be Rock and Hip-Hop, and why those labels can sometimes get in the way. Click on the pic to listen.

Whether fans of Korn or Rage Against The Machine, this fusion should appease—as Yelawolf uses the gifts that made him a 2010 standout, while touching on some new sonic real estate.

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