AZ Tells The Origin Of His Show-Stealing Verse On Illmatic (Video)

Most AZ fans know that “Tha Visualiza” hails from Brooklyn, New York. However, unlike so many illustrious MCs, AZ’s sense of place and home lives in his lyrics more than photographs, symbols, etc.

The Firm co-founder returns to his Williams Houses in East New York, Brooklyn for the first time in 18 years—as he says. While the MC shows where he shot “The Come Up” video outside in the park, he goes inside the projects to explain his fear of elevators, and how “pebble beach” is not a golf course. As he walks around the changing landmarks of his youth (and explains a very different BK), AZ elaborates on why he wrote what he did in his verse for Nas’ “Life’s a Bitch,” and he meant what he said the night he recorded his first—and arguably most famous song.

AZ recently released a book, for literary Heads.

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