Black Donald Trump Supporters Are Put On The Spot & Defend Their Candidate (Video)

Political double-talkers abound, and it’s no surprise why. Politicians have to appeal to so many different kinds of people, that often times they end up tangled in humorous hypocrisy. One need not look far for examples of hypocrites in our political arena, like the elected officials who vote anti-gay only to be discovered having an affair with a man. Or those who run on a religious conservative platform only to be outed as adulterous drug users. In the current presidential election, former candidate Dr. Ben Carson engaged many Americans in conversations about the irony in his being an African-American Republican, particularly given out-of-touch statements like “Obamacare is really I think the worst thing that has happened in this nation since slavery.” However,  there is perhaps no candidate more attractive to hypocrisy than Donald Trump. With his outrageous statements, uninformed campaign promises, and ability to offend several different demographic groups only to have his poll numbers rise, he has managed to simultaneously horrify and delight the nation. With regards to race, he has made disparaging comments about Mexicans (“they’re rapists”), Muslims (“we should ban all Muslims from entering this country until we figure out what’s going on”), and African Americans (“I have a great relationship with ‘the Blacks'”). As such, the logic follows that any person of color who identifies as a minority group would essentially be a hypocrite for voting Donald Trump for president, right? And yet, there exist Latino, Muslim, and Black voters for Trump, albeit in small numbers. Even then, how is that possible? And, perhaps more importantly, who are these outliers?

With that incredulity in mind, last night’s episode of The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore featured an interview with a handful of Black Americans voting for Trump. Wilmore calls the existence of Black Trump supporters “an odd phenomenon” before sitting down and asking them some pretty straightforward yet pointed questions, the first of which is “why do you support Donald Trump?” The responses included in the segment include “I’ve lost faith in the current state of our [Democratic] party” “He’s a gangsta,” and “coming from the Hip-Hop community, I understand his language.” Wilmore responds to the Hip-Hop comment, saying that “[Trump] is kind of like a rapper. He’s into gold, he has his own vodka, he’s got a private jet, and he really likes White women.” It’s evident Wilmore is being facetious; after all, this is a parody show. However, parody is always a reflection of something very real, and the remainder of the group interview sheds some very bright light on the “odd phenomenon.”

At one point, the conversation turns to Trump’s statements about Muslims and it is then when Wilmore discovers that one of the panel members is in fact a Muslim. “You’re going to vote for Trump?” Wilmore asks with the undeniable look of disbelief on his face, to which the gentleman responds “most certainly,” at which point Wilmore directs some heated questions about waterboarding in his direction. The topics of slavery, immigration, and the economy are also broached and the conversation is….enlightening.

Now that Larry Wilmore has initiated this conversation on his show, let’s extend it to the Hip-Hop community. Should people of color vote for Trump? If not, why should they vote for a Democrat?

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