Black Milk Turns Up His Beatmaking With A Live Instrumentation LP (Audio)

For fans of Detroit, Michigan producer and MC Black Milk, his steady rise as an acclaimed artist has been many years in the making. With a solo production discography stretching back more than a decade, his collaborative efforts include work with Danny Brown, Elzhi, Sean Price, and Slum Village and with the release of his 2014 solo LP If There’s A Hell Below, acclaim is being showered on his growing skills as a lyricist, as well. However, there is an aspect of Black Milk’s musical talent that is not easily grasped with a spin of his records, and that is his live show. In recent years, he has enlisted a group of incredibly gifted musicians in the form of the Nat Turner band, an outfit named after the heroic slave who led a rebellion during the darkest days of American history. With that in mind, it is therefore no great wonder from whence the name for their collaborative album, The Rebellion Sessions, came.

Together, Black Milk and Nat Turner electrify the stage, a fact to which anyone who has seen such a performance can attest. And now, Heads who have not had the opportunity to catch them live can at least get an aural taste of how the merging creative energies sound. The Rebellion Sessions is a new, live instrumental album featuring 10 new tracks merging Black Milk’s signature production style with a full band for a highly fortified experience. Arriving April 4, the album is available for pre-order which includes the purchase of the song “4 Blacks.”

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