Joell Ortiz & Chris Rivers Studied The ’90s To Blaze Mics In 2016 (Audio)

Last week, Joell Ortiz and producer Domingo released That’s Hip-Hop. As the Slaughterhous vet told Ambrosia For Heads, the project is about keeping purebred Rap in the front of the consumer consciousness. In the post-release single “Say What I Want,” Ortiz is joined by Bronx, New York MC Chris Rivers who together aim to do just what the title says.

The chorus explains how studying the illustrious lyricists of the 1990s, these artists kept the creative spirit alive and spit at censorship to make their 2000s-era music rugged. Flexing skills of a soulful beat, the two New Yorkers—born in different decades (indicated in the chorus) stand for the a mutually level of command with words.

That’s Hip-Hop!.

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