King Lil G Brings Warmth To Watts’ Projects On “Cold Christmas” (Audio)

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Despite relatively tepid American winters growing up in Watts, California, King Lil G’s experiences during December weren’t always as warm, giving, and lavish as the department store aisles may have taught him, as some of his Hip-Hop counterparts from the area, Jay Rock and Glasses Malone, may attest to. For King Lil G’s latest release, this ambassador for Mexican MC’s takes us back to the days of his youth and dedicates an inspirational, heartfelt cut about the holidays to his one and only, his mother.

When the call of his hometown streets weren’t pulling him in, out, and around of a life of crime or he wasn’t writing rhymes to cope, King Lil G was just like any kid, hoping that his Christmas would become as fruitful as the kids on television, and that his Dad would finally come home for the unwrapping of wrestling action figures and designer jeans from under the tree. But when he didn’t receive those gifts while he watched his friends cop a new bike and fresh Jordan’s, he blamed the only person he could, his mother, for his sadness, and asked her why he had to have such a “Cold Christmas.”

Over an icy, ominous, hi-hat strung instrumental, King Lil G apologizes to his Mom for his actions and shows listeners what life was like for him growing up in the projects, and what it was like growing out of the projects of his mind’s eye: materialism. With his mother’s love to pull the veil of luxury away from his eyes, King Lil G began to recognize what was important in life, a roof over his head, a hot plate, and the comfort of family.

As similarly dedicated to his craft and community as Kendrick Lamar is to Compton, King Lil G is not only a talented MC to continue looking out for, but a leader in spreading positivity, promise, and hope through his own operation, the Sucio Movement, and the art of Hip-Hop.

Take a listen and watch out for King Lil G’s forthcoming album, Lost In Smoke 2, and release celebration at Novo’s (f/k/a Club Nokia) in Los Angeles, April 22.

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