LL Cool J Says Dr. Dre Session Is Latest “GOAT” Status Reminder

Over the past three days, a video snippet was released of LL Cool J returning to some of his finest form in the recording studio alongside Dr. Dre. The footage was from 2015, but is only part of the latest comeback effort from the Queens, New York MC superstar.


Uncle L spoke with OkayPlayer about the session, and what is to be expected from the 30-year MC, who is currently at work on album number 14. “[The freestyle] wasn’t planned or anything,” explained LL Cool J. In Fall of 2015, Los Angeles, California veteran DJ Pooh—who produced much of 1987’s Bigger And Deffer album invited LL Cool J to hang out in the Beats 1 studio with Dr. Dre and DJ Premier for the former’s The Pharmacy Radio Show episode. “[DJ] Pooh had asked me to do a drop, and I was like, ‘A drop? If we’re going to do that, you might as well let me spit something.’ Dre was like, ‘Oh, word?’ And he got the titanium laptop, came back and put that joint on. That was all she wrote, man. I just grabbed a pencil, a piece of paper and knocked it out. In 15, 20 minutes, that’s what it was.” LL and Dre worked previously on 1998’s “Zoom” video single from the Bulworth soundtrack. LL stated that Dre brings something great out from his craft. “I did this just because I can. Just to show people I can rhyme. Sometimes it’s just about the culture. It’s just about bars, rhymes and beats with no strings attached.”

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Thirty-one years after he released Radio, LL Cool J argued that he is a constant in the world. “Gravity in 2016 is just like it was in 1997,” he said. He also seemingly pointed to records like “I Need Love” paving a way for Drake, Jeremih, and others. “A lot of people obviously know me because I pioneered the female-friendly music, and I think a lot of the new generation only know about that aspect of my career. But what they don’t know, is the original cloth that I’m cut from is just beats and rhymes.”

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As an MC who had famously battled Kool Moe Dee, Ice-T, and Canibus, among others, LL Cool J criticized some of his 2010s peers. “There are some guys who are getting 50-point credit for 20-point games,” said the former Def Jam Records flagship. “The only way for me to prove that is to give you something to A-B it against.” Believed to be working on an album called The G.O.A.T. 2, LL Cool J pointed back to his self-proclaimed status as the Greatest Of All Time MC. “If I call myself the G.O.A.T., I’ve gotta be able to back it up, right? I know the rules.”

In 2000, LL released G.O.A.T., which was a #1 album (the only of his career).

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