Planet Asia Rolls Up His Sleeves & Gets Busy With Intricate Wordplay (Audio)

Planet Asia has more than 15 years of shredding up tracks under his (black) belt. Fresno, California’s first MC on the national scene is hard at work on a new album with DJ Concept. Seventy Nine releases March 25 on Coalmine Records with a promised theme driving the wheel (Heads are left to wait for more info on that front).

“Gold Vases” is the opening single from the pair. P.A. claws into the beat, playing with words and syllables within Concept’s hard drums and ’80s-style electric piano. Each verses a number of plays on homonyms and more, with Asia weaving the exercise together into a fully-formed song.

The late Sean Price, along with Blu, and DJ Revolution are among the Seventy Nine guests.

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