Rakim May Be The God MC But He’s A Devil On The Turntables. This. Is. Hip-Hop (Video)

If you read ego trip’s Book Of Rap Lists, and bluntly speaking, all Heads should, page 52 has a great list of MCs with supreme DJ skills. Rakim, often revered as one of—if not thee greatest rapper—proves himself to be one such double-threat. Recently, the Long Island, New York legend got behind two turntables and a mixer to pay tribute to the late Jam Master Jay.

Rakim beat-juggled some of Run-D.M.C.’s “Peter Piper” alongside another 1980s New York Hip-Hop legend in DJ Hurricane (Beastie Boys/The Afros). In a video that is more than nine minutes, the iconic lyricist keeps his confidence when the records spin—and the homies bug out.

Who better than to have put us onto this video…ego trip!, of course.

#BonusBeat: Catch DJ Jazzy Jeff’s 2015 “Peter Piper” routine, which the video uploader believes is an influence upon Ra’s:

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