The Internet Drop 3 videos in 1 & Invite Tyler, the Creator to the Party (Video)

Grammy-nominated contemporary Soul outfit the Internet offer up a melange of sounds and sights in an ambitiously packaged music video. Comprised of three separate vignettes, today’s release celebrates three stand-out tracks from last year’s Ego Death. “Special Affair,” “Curse,” and “Palace” are all treated independently but are pieced together in one, free-flowing nearly 5-minute unit. With Odd Future cohorts Syd the Kyd and Matt Martians heading the band, the Internet may have lost out to the Weeknd’s Beauty Behind the Madness for Best Urban Contemporary Album at this year’s Grammy Awards, but today’s mini-movie in three acts is exemplary of the talent and artistic vision that has helped the Los Angeles-based group rise out of obscurity into widespread acclaim.

“Special Affair” is given a slow motion, black-and-white treatment, which makes the already suggestive lyrics (“fuck what’s in your phone, I want to take you home”) downright seductive. “Curse” is up next, and its 360-degree camera angles continue the play on time and space prominent in its visual predecessor. Here, each of the band members are featured prominently, with a focus on a live stage show serving as a reminder that the Internet is, after all, a group of equally valuable musicians. Lastly, “Parade” closes out the series and features an appearance from Odd Future frontman Tyler, the Creator. More than showcasing the group’s Hip-Hop sensibilities, the final segment takes place in the same environment as the first, only in living color – but it ends where it begins.

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