Bill Nye Drops Serious Science On Climate Change & Calls Out the Media & Republicans (Video)

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Bill Nye’s name rings familiar to generations of kids who grew up able to love science, thanks to his ability to make learning cool. Along with astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson, Nye stands tall as one of the “rockstars” of academia, thanks to the his iconic PBS television show Bill Nye the Science Guy. Now, those kids who were raised on him are fully grown, but Nye continues to inspire conversations about how the world and the universe work, and he is often asked to speak on panels covering evolution versus creationism and climate change. Given today’s political climate (for lack of a better term), his expertise is repeatedly called upon during discussions about global warming, which is the preeminent issue facing us as a species. On last night’s episode of The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore, Nye was in the buildin’, and he had some choice words for the presidential candidates – namely their relative silence on the issue of climate change. What many may not know is that Nye actually has a comedy background, having worked in sketch comedy in the early day of his career. With that in his back pocket, his comments last night were not only scientifically astute and profoundly pointed, but also quite funny.

During the show’s panel segment, Nye joins host Wilmore and Nightly Show contributors Jordan Carlos and Grace Parra. Unsurprisingly, the entire segment was devoted to the marriage of science and politics within the context of this year’s campaign for the White House. Leading with the hard-too-fathom statistic that just 1.5% of the 1,477 questions asked of presidential candidates thus far in the debate season have been related to climate change, Wilmore also brings up the fact that neither of the two leading Republican candidates (Ted Cruz and Donald Trump) have been asked a single question on the matter, to which Nye makes the following point about all of the Republican candidates: “All of them have been adamant deniers [of climate change]…it’s so silly. These guys are in denial. They don’t see the connection between carbon monoxide and methane and the world getting warmer. They ignore all the data. So, it’s very troubling, you guys.” He then goes on to cite what he thinks is the reason for the apparent ignorance about the severity of the global epidemic, saying Republicans are “funded by the fossil-fuel industry.”

The panel discussion really plays like more of a Nye speech, with the other two contributors spending most of the segment absorbing the knowledge Nye drops all over the place. For example, he mentions that Glacier National Park is more like “muddy hillside National Park” thanks to global warming – humorous, yet laden with serious undertones. He also takes a moment to address whom he calls “hard-hitting investigative journalists” in a bit of tongue-and-cheek humor, asking them to get serious and asks candidates directly “what are you going to do about climate change?”

Fresh off primary wins in Wisconsin, have Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump made enough of an effort to address that question?

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