C.L. Smooth & Skyzoo Have “Perfect Timing” With A Record Store Day Remix (Audio)

Today (April 16) is Record Store Day. One artist whose catalog has long been celebrated on vinyl albums is C.L. Smooth. With partner Pete Rock, throughout the early 1990s (and for a couple 12″ singles in the early 2000s), the pair made sought-after Elektra Records wax. Today, the New Rochelle, New York veteran teams with Brooklyn’s Skyzoo for an all-new mix of “Perfect Timing.”

The 2008 track (produced by M-Phazes, posted below) was a limited edition Coalmine Records release with B-side instrumental. The 2016 remix, courtesy of Max I Million was made to bring attention back to S-K-Y and C.L.’s collabo. Last week, Max released a fresh mix of C.L.’s “King.” The retail holiday allows some newfound attention on a cool collaboration between an MC who made enduring conversational-style verses, and a 2000s disciple:

DJ Devastate is on the remix cuts.

The original is on 7″ blue limited edition vinyl.

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