MC Shan Spits 4 Minutes Of Battle Bars With Shots Aimed Directly At KRS-One’s Head (Audio)

One week ago (April 1), MC Shan appeared on the Murder Master Music Show. The Queens, New York MC veteran vehemently denied the history that he ever lost a battle to KRS-One. First referring to Kris as “my man,” the Juice Crew MC explained why the “Bridge Wars” battles with Boogie Down Productions were no reflection of who was the better MC. In discussing the complicated history between the two later collaborators, Shan was not shy about dissing his peer, or offering a sampling of the battle rhymes he has ready.

The host of the show closed the episode offering KRS-One an opportunity to appear. In a press release, host Prez said he received a call where KRS wanted MC Shan to apologize for rhymes directed at KRS on the April 1 episode.

That has not happened. Instead, the former Cold Chillin’ Records artist and producer only pushed more for the paid 2010s on-stage battle he wants to see against his late 1980s rhyme-rival. On April 8, Murder Master Music Show uploaded three-minutes of audio of MC Shan rhyming acapella by phone, apparently battling KRS-One.

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The rhymes address the frustrations Shan has with KRS. Inside the rhymes, he interpolates elements of Boogie Down Productions’ “Criminal Minded,” “The Bridge Is Over,” and “The Remix For The P Is Free” in his delivery. He also references Meek Mill and Drake’s 2015 battle, and compares the styles of KRS-One to Drake:

MC Shan, ‘my style is through’ / That might be true / ‘Cause Drake took his singin’-ass style from you.” Later, he rhymes, “Now ask your fans if you should really respond in your heart or not / ‘Cause deep in your heart, you know that you might get got.” He closes in saying, “That’s your apology.”

Kris, who publicly apologized (in the form of a freestyle) to LL Cool J for dissing him in rhyme last year, has yet to respond publicly.

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