Like J Dilla, Blu & Miguel Proved To Be Diamonds In The Rough (Audio)

More than 10 years since the game-changing producer/MC passed away, J Dilla’s music is living strong in 2016. Next week, Dilla’s family will release an album he worked on for many years in the early 2000s, The Diary.

In May, Dilla’s family will re-release another title from his beloved discography. Jay Love Japan is not typically as revered as Donuts or Slum Village’s first two LPs. Announced before Dilla’s 2006 death, and released on small edition in 2007, the LP features fellow S.V. co-founder Baatin, and Exile. In honor of Mother’s Day, Jay Loves Japan is coming back in print. Moreover, the LP features the previously bootlegged track from Blu and Miguel, when they were two lesser known artists in the Los Angeles, California scene. The artistry that Heads in Hip-Hop and Soul-Pop know now appears early on in “Sun In My Face“:

To pre-order “Sun In My Face,” click here.

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