Lupe Fiasco, Big K.R.I.T. & Dee-1 Come Together To Be Real, Righteous & Relevant (Audio)

New Orleans, Louisiana MC Dee-1 has been grinding for years. Now backed by RCA Records, Dee has a knack for making music that knocks in the headphones and trunks, but still packs tremendous fodder for the mind. Fresh off of his club-tinged student loan-inspired “Sallie Mae Back” (a play on “Maybach”), Dee re-ups a stellar remix alongside Lupe Fiasco and Big K.R.I.T. to 2014 video single “Against Us.”

Produced by Rico Beats, the song is another charged, informative song about using ambition to overcome oppression. With a new verse, Dee-1 uses The Lord’s Prayer to promote a moral code of conduct for the streets. Krizzle enters, to dismiss the crack sales, posturing and social media activism for real action. Lu’ plays clean-up, with a third verse with some wordplay about how he’s still promoting “food” over “liquor” a decade later.

Like the last song, Dee-1 bends the cadence of “against us” to sound like “gangstas.”

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