Masta Ace Announces His Latest Concept Album & Gives A Glimpse

From Masta Ace Incorporated to Disposable Arts, Brooklyn, New York veteran MC Masta Ace has been known for cohesive album-length concepts. His latest, in a career that dates back to the mid-1980s is upon us, as the Juice Crew and eMC alum announces The Falling Season.

Releasing May 13, the project on Ace’s own M3 imprint will feature Public Enemy’s Chuck D, Cormega, A.G, Your Old Droog, Wordsworth, Stricklin, The Juggaknots’ Queen Herawin, Hypnotic Brass Ensemble, The World Famous Supreme Team, and more. In a recent interview with The Bee Shine, Ace explained, “The new album is taking you back to my high school years. The album starts with me as a freshman, walking into high school. And it ends at senior year, graduation. I’m just tellin’ a lil’ bit of my life story—what things were like in those years, going back and forth to Sheepshead Bay High School, which was very far from where I lived. Getting on a city bus and traveling out there, there was a lot of racial tension in the neighborhood. All of those things are encompassed in this record.” In that same interview, he explains the influence of the Supreme Team (Sedivine the Mastermind & Just Allah the Superstar) of WHBI FM. In that song, “Total Recall,” Ace explains he raps as if the actual date in 1982.

Masta Ace Remembers Feeling Ostracized By His Native Brooklyn…& Other Personal Stories (Audio)

The first single “Me and A.G.” released today, a collaboration between Ace and the Diggin’ In The Crates/Showbiz & A.G. representative. While neither MC appears in the video (below), the closing sequence appears to show The Falling Season artwork:

All of The Falling Season is produced by Kic Beats, and is said to be free of any samples.

This is Masta Ace’s first solo studio album, since MA_DOOM: Son Of Yvonne, a 2012 LP produced entirely by MF DOOM. He has since worked extensively with eMC on two projects.

In recent years, Ace has also coached high school football in his native Brooklyn, New York.

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