Havoc & Method Man Spray Lyrical Bullets Over A Cold Alchemist Beat (Audio)

Twenty years ago, Mobb Deep tapped Wu-Tang Clan’s Method Man for Hell On Earth‘s “Extortion.” The song was bombastic blackmail, as some of Loud Records’ stars came together to tackle a chilly M-O-B-B string arrangement.

In 2016, Mr. Meth’ and Havoc still maintain that chemistry. From Hav’ and Alchemist’s The Silent Partner (May 20), “Buck 50’s & Bullet Wounds” may be the perfect carryout of the “extortion” threat. With ALC laying down a spooky piano line, Havoc sets it off with his malicious message about exterminating the competition. Method Man enters next, with a raw verse and some of his signature wordplay. Raspy delivery in tow, the flow is tight like the Mobb, Alchemist, and Wu bonds.

Premiered at Rap Radar.

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