Pairing Rihanna and “Kids” Writer Harmony Korine Is Not Safe On Any Level (Video)

Last year, the iconic film Kids celebrated a milestone, and with it came a tremendous outpouring of support, nostalgia, and love for the movie that documented teenage sexuality, angst, and identity in some of the rawest scenes ever on the silver screen. Its screenwriter, Harmony Korine, has since gone on to direct films like Spring Breakers and Gummo, which makes his latest release even more interesting. He has teamed up with Rihanna – who just this week was awarded the distinct honor of beating the Beatles’ Hot 100 chart record – on her ANTI single “Needed Me.” Not only is it NSFW, it’s certainly not safe for kids.

Featuring a more-than-sheer outfit, scenes from a strip club, menacing weapons, and Rihanna on a murderous mission, “Needed Me” matches striking visuals with a song about scorn – in and of itself not an unusual trope in the music video canon. However, Korine’s fingerprints are all over the distinctive mini-movie, from the no-holds-barred glimpses into sexuality, flossin’, bloodshed, and the same underbelly of Miami society that’s featured prominently in his films.

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