Rittz Opens A Vividly Clear Window To The Drama In His Life (Video)

Rittz’ upcoming album Top Of The Line (May 6) includes the gripping single, “My Window.” The track appears to be an autobiographical look into the Georgian MC’s world, beneath the high-profile tours and touted chart placements.

For the video, Heads can see the 2010s independent Hip-Hop success in a no-tell motel room, drinking, smoking, and stressing away at the pressures in his life. From loved ones beckoning to reckless partying, the Strange Music MC seemingly writes with an unrestrained view of the weights in his life. Meanwhile, there is a parallel story-line of a father and son, perhaps alluding to from where such pain originates. Even to listeners without Rap careers, dressed up box Chevys, or the same kind of pressures, this tangible track may find its own applications.

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