Token Gets His Big Shot & Freestyles Like His Life Depends On It (Video)

On Friday (April 1), Salem, Massachusetts’ Token was a guest on the Sway In The Morning Show. There was no fooling when the 17 year-old MC introduced himself with a few words about his 12 years of rhyming. At the 7:00 mark, the MC stands up and quite literally, delivers:

The Joell Ortiz affiliate uses his full body to lay into a six-minute freestyle that walks the line between Rap verse and performance poetry. Token has as much in common with Hamilton as he does his MC peers. In the lines, Token spits at the notion that he has peers, at least any willing to rock after him—which is exactly what appears to happen with this Friday Fire Cypher. If there was a next MC, it lives on its own in a different video.

In his lines, Token attacks how he applies his school subjects to his MC’ing, how he fits into celestial bodies, why “talent-wise, he is the ultimate.” The incredibly grabbing performance features numerous speed-switches, multiple cadences, and a ton of in-the-moment excitement from the high schooler who proves he is ready for the pro’s.

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