Joey Bada$$ Revamps His Sound For Some Motivational Music (Audio)

For more than five years, Brooklyn, New York’s Joey Bada$$ has been credited with taking elements of his city’s (and greater New York City) 1990s sound and tweaking it for a resonating update. The formula has worked, as Joey and Pro Era have challenged the charts and become a popular act, without compromising.

On new single “Devastated,” Bada$$ and his team try their hand at something else. Produced by band-mate Kirk Knight, as well as Powers Pleasant and Adam Pallin, the record is more contemporary—without any retro feel or aim. However, Joey raps on the record—just as he has on his album and celebrated mixtape inclusions. Although the title may seem down-and-out, the MC looks back at his struggles and strife and is able to chalk them up as experience now. With plans to only raise his profile further, “Badmon” finds another way to relate to his fans, big on dreams and short on resources.