JSWISS Makes A Song About Rebirth That Brings Sunshine To Rain (Audio)

JSWISS is a 2010s DIY artist that makes albums strictly on his own terms. Two albums following 2013’s Awthenticity (which featured video single “Universal Just Called”) the Dobbs Ferry, New Yorker gears up for June’s No Music. Single “Sunshine To Rain” features some instrumentation by Brady Watt (of DJ Premier’s band and others), and carrying vocals from Maya Azucena.

JSWISS makes the most of the moment, with his sharp delivery cutting into the smooth beat, while letting his song-mates all thrive. In a season of rebirth, this single holds weight. Moods, seasons, and circumstances change, but it is how we adapt and push on that defines us. This song captures that spirit, and shares it with others.


Photo by Photo Rob.