Nas, Kanye West & French Montana Are Trying To Figure It Out Like The Rest Of Us (Video)

This month marks three years since French Montana’s studio debut, Excuse My French. Backed by both Puff Daddy and Rick Ross, the Coke Boys veteran caught up fast in the music industry machine with an album featuring Drake, The Weeknd, and Scarface, among many others. A Top 5 debut, Montana proved himself to be one of the 2010s emerging faces, with a career that dates back a decade.

Although it is not yet attached to an album, Montana strikes again with “Figure It Out.” Joined by Nas and Kanye West, the song shows an inward depth to all three artists. Stress, pressure, the watching eyes, and confusing relationships can wear down these MCs. For the video, they visit an airplane boneyard, with symbolically, everything is stripped away to hopefully lead to some answers.

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Kanye takes the chorus, while Nas’ verse takes a jab at the exes preventing him from being the best father he can.

Notably, the video releases just as French Montana announces a new deal with Bad Boy Worldwide/Epic/Sony Records, making him an artist that is sticking with Diddy through the next phase of the house Biggie, Craig Mack, and Ma$e helped build.