“Space Jam 2” Is Coming…& It’s Starring Lebron James

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In late 1996, Space Jam hit theaters and unleashed a phenomenon. Equal parts sports film and children’s cartoon, it featured Michael Jordan in his heyday and the iconic Bugs Bunny in starring roles. It launched countless forms of merchandise and helped make Jordan’s profiles as both a basketball player and an athletic-shoe purveyor visible from outer space. Credited as the highest-grossing basketball movie of all time, its name alone conjures up memories of childhood for the millennial generation. Now, it appears there will be a reboot of the mid-’90s classic. Many details of Space Jam 2 – such as the plot – are still unknown, but the film already has two major players signed up: lead star Lebron James and director Justin Lin.

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According to the Hollywood Reporter, the film will serve as a sequel rather than a traditional reboot, so it’s unclear how James’ character will be related to the storyline brought to life by Jordan nearly 20 years ago. James is arguably one of the most prolific (and loved/hated) basketball players of his generation, and now that he’s whetted his appetite for acting in Amy Schumer’s blockbuster comedy Trainwreck, his being chosen for the role doesn’t come as too great a surprise. Lin has already proven himself to be a hit at the theaters thanks to his work directing juggernauts like The Fast and the Furious, installments three through six. But all of the star power the James/Lin duo brings to the screen will have huge shoes to fill – size 13, in fact.

space jam 2

Is Lebron James the right choice to make Space Jam 2 a slam dunk?