This Artist’s Vision Merges Hip-Hop’s Epic Past With the Future

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Based in the United Kingdom, artist Dan Lish is a stellar example of just how influential Hip-Hop has become, not just to music fans around the world, but to those who are gifted with the visual aesthetic. Lish has amassed an awe-inspiring collection of more than 100 illustrations portraying some of the culture’s most celebrated artists in futuristic motifs which capture not only the importance of what Hip-Hop has done already, but also what its place in the future looks like. Having worked with the likes of De La Soul, Mello Music Group, and many others, Lish is putting his images – unbelievably done freestyle – together for what will eventually become a book cleverly called Ego Strip.

Run-DMC, Beastie Boys, & Public Enemy Are Real-Life Comic Book Heroes (Video)

In a handful of his creations shared with Ambrosia for Heads, six iconic artists merge with the bizarre and otherworldly while maintaining qualities authentic to their respective places and times. Eric B. & Rakim rock with Kangol and crates of records but are in the midst of symbols both ancient and of tomorrow, from pyramids to intergalactic vessels. DJ Kool Herc is pictured with images of New York City skyscrapers, but upon closer inspection it’s clear he is the city. J Dilla rocks a piano with a robotic extraterrestrial (which makes sense, given how many of his friends and collaborators have called the late producer a being from another planet), while MF DOOM leads a parade of similarly masked comrades down a road built of speakers and vinyl. Mobb Deep kick it on a classic New York City fire escape with an alien, whereas Public Enemy take part in a formal march above the clouds, forming the head of a giant creature undoubtedly on her way to fight for justice in other galaxies.

dan lish eric b & rakim dan lish kool herc Dan Lish Dilla dan lish MF DOOM dan lish mobb deep dan lish public enemy

Heads can check out more of Dan Lish’s artwork on tumblr or Instagram.