Bryson Tiller Has A Shorty Swing His Way In The Video For “Exchange”

Bryson Tiller has become of the fastest-rising faces of R&B music in recent years. However, he does not call his music that. He makes “Trap Soul,” also the title of his Top 10 2015 RCA Records album. The Louisville, Kentucky native is able to apply the hustle in his music, as a former fast food and parcel service worker who never gave up on his dream.

However, it’s that soulful element of drenching his songs in melody that appeals. Moreover, Tiller’s writing speaks to relationships, and he finds the palpable points that many can relate to. “Exchange” does that musically and visually. The album single shows Bryson Tiller getting sentimental about a relationship he can’t get enough of. Some may catch how this record samples 1997 K.P. & Envyi Dance song “Swing My Way”—which a Top 10 hit at the time. Going back nearly 20 years for some inspiration, Bryson Tiller catches that swing.

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