Freddie Gibbs Is Being Extradited to Face Rape Charges in Austria

On June 2, Freddie Gibbs was arrested in Toulouse, France after allegations that he raped a woman in 2015 were brought against him. On tour promoting his November 2015 album Shadow of a Doubt, the Gary, Indiana, MC has been accused of raping a woman in Austria a year prior. Today (June 23) it has been reported that Gibbs is facing extradition charges and will be leaving French custody to face Austrian prosecutors pursuing the case on the alleged victim’s behalf.

freddie gibbs 2

According to Pitchfork, Gibbs was granted bail by a French judge on June 16, but because of a pending extradition hearing, he was unable to leave the country. Now that an official extradition decree has been put forth, he has 72 hours to appeal, however it looks unlikely that such a step will be taken. According to Gibbs’ lawyer Michael Malka, Gibbs “has no intention of escaping justice” and is indeed willing to turn himself to Austrian authorities. However, by no means is that indicative of Gibbs assuming any fault in the allegations. Malka has stated that Gibbs “categorically denies the allegations made against him by Austria and is even very surprised that Austria is taking this on a year later, just as he is on tour in Europe.”

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Timing aside, the severity of Gibbs’ legal troubles has some serious implications. Having already served time in prison, Gibbs could be facing more incarceration upon his arrival to Austria. While it is unclear exactly when the transfer of custody will take place, there is likely to be a fierce fight by all those involved. Also clear, according to his lawyer, is that “Freddie will fight the charges with everything he’s got.”