Havoc Details How He & Prodigy Overcame 2012 Mobb Deep Breakup (Video)

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Just over four years ago, a group that had been together for 20-plus-years, Mobb Deep, called it quits. To make matters more complicated, Prodigy and Havoc engaged in a feud that started on social media, and led to diss records aimed at each other.

By 2014, however, the M-O-B-B was back in business. Akin to groups like EPMD, Tha Dogg Pound, and G-Unit, the division of the members prompted a profiled reunion. The group released The Infamous Mobb Deep to Top 50 status on the charts and resumed touring. Speaking with ThisIs50, Havoc looked back at 2012 and admits his mistakes. The MC/producer also details why the Queens bond is stronger than bouts with beef.

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Near the 5:00 mark, Havoc explains what was going on behind the scenes at the time of the public rift. “It was just like, a couple of internal issues that should have been dealt with behind the scenes, and not on no Twitter shit,” admits the veteran. “To me, I felt [I had] legitimate reasons [to be upset]. But, I think that I handled it the wrong way, and think that I just went out of control. Don’t ever go anywhere near social media while you have liquor in your system. Warn your friends. Tell ’em, ‘if I’m ever drinkin’, take my phone from me,’ [especially if you are angry at someone]. You can’t reverse it. It’s fucked up, ’cause now I’m having to sit here and answer these questions [about it].” Initially, Havoc claimed his Twitter account was hacked, before the tensions escalated between the onetime Loud/RCA and G-Unit Records artists.

Havoc does state that he feels Mobb Deep is not unlike other groups, across music. “All groups have internal problems. My mother always told me, ‘You and your brother, don’t fight in the street—fight in the crib. Don’t let people [see].’ So I made that little mistake. I paid for it, and apologized. Me and [Prodigy] is brothers, even through that bullshit.”

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Jack Thriller asks Havoc if his mistakes led to him having to call his estranged band-mate. “Nobody called nobody.” Mobb Deep’s hiatus lasted an entire calendar. “I didn’t see him for a year. The first time I saw him, we was in the studio together.” The group resumed in 2013, and began touring. “We just started working like nothing ever happened. Literally.”

Last month, Havoc and Alchemist released The Silent Partner—their first collaborative album.

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Elsewhere in the interview, Havoc explains his excitement after Tupac and Tha Outlawz dissed Mobb Deep on “Hit ‘Em Up,” and his working relationship with Biggie Smalls.