Jazzy Jeff Wants Fans to Join Him On His Vinyl Destination (Video)

Grammy-winning producer DJ Jazzy Jeff’s illustrious career has taken him around the world, several times over. The Philadelphia, Pennsylvania icon is now on his fourth season of “Vinyl Destination,” a web series devoted to following him on his global travels as he performs and gets exposed to vastly different cultures, each of which shares a communal love for the Hip-Hop culture Jeff so expertly embodies.

Earlier this week, season four’s debut episode hit the web, and in it he is joined by his road family consisting of his protégé and gifted MC Dayne Jordan; friends Stevee Blast and DJ Ferno; and on this particular episode, his wife Lynette. Titled “In the Future,” the episode follows them to Dubai, Singapore, and Thailand for performances to celebrate 2016’s arrival. Longtime fans of the show will appreciate the hands-on approach of the docuseries as it exposes the tremendous fun and sometimes unexpected troubles stemming from life on the road, but fans also have much to be pleasantly surprised by this time around.

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Rebooted and revamped for Season 4, “Vinyl Destination” will now air in closer proximity to the time it was filmed, a new approach that means fans don’t have to wait a full year to see what the crew has been up to. Most excitingly, however, is that DJ Jazzy Jeff is inviting viewers to win prizes based on their knowledge of the show, inviting them to join the adventures in real time. Jeff et al will be taking to Facebook to engage directly with viewers through a live Q&A exchange after each episode airs, so fans are encouraged to follow him on the social-media platform to stay up-to-date on all the trivia contest details.

Heads can catch up on all the seasons of “Vinyl Destination” on YouTube.