Lil Dicky Exposes the Brutal Pain of Losing the Love of His Life (Video)

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During his performance at the Roots Picnic in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania last weekend (June 4), Lil Dicky shared a personal detail regarding his love life. Telling the crowd that a woman he loves named Molly recently got engaged to someone else, the area native revealed the sort of relatable truth that reminds us the artists we admire are just as vulnerable and susceptible to pain as we are. Still celebrating the success of his debut album Professional Rapper, he has made a name for himself as an MC whose gifted sense of humor can be applied to both the mundane and the complex. But his song “Molly” may be his most poignant, as it details a kind of suffering most Heads know well: heartbreak.

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Today, Lil Dicky dropped a video for his touching single, and it builds on familiar tropes. Depicting the day he plays his role as a groomsmen for “Molly”‘s soon-to-be husband, it follows him as he gets suited up while his friends give him a hard time, presumably because they’re aware of his unrequited feelings. There are some cringeworthy moments sprinkled throughout, such as the moment he finally is able to speak to the one who got away just as she’s torn away by a wedding guest. Guest vocalist Brendon Urie plays the wedding singer as Lil Dicky stares forlornly at all the happy couples on the dancefloor before feigning happiness when it comes time to bid the bride goodnight.

Lil Dicky also released some behind-the-scenes footage of the video shoot, which can be seen here.