R.A. Shows That Even Rugged Men Change With Fatherhood (Video)

R.A. The Rugged Man is one of Hip-Hop’s true wild hearts. The Long Island, New York veteran was famously banned from numerous label offices (including his own) during the 1990s for his storied antics. R.A.’s live shows play host to bloody and sweaty mosh pits, make-out sessions with fans, and other theatrics. Even in the 2010s, the Rugged Man made headlines for being removed from a commercial flight for wearing a t-shirt deemed offensive by the cabin crew. It is this attitude and grit that has made the raw didactic deliveries, honest songwriting, and gruff cadences so palpable to so many—deal or no deal, album or no album.

In 2016, R.A. is a parent—and a proud one at that. His latest video single follows a long line of captivating Rugged Man videos. This time, the Nature Sounds artist admits his free-wheeling days, with some show footage from past years. But these days, R.A. is pulling a stroller—not groupies. From 2013’s Legends Never Die, the new visual to “Bang Boogie” traces a day in R.A. The Rugged Man’s new life, with a beautiful baby daughter. He is changing diapers, carrying his infant on a harness, hitting the toy aisle, and spending his days at the playground, not the Times Square peep-shows. Whether dressing up in Star Wars costume, or trying to have a meal, the vid follows some of the challenges that parents can understand, with some quality R.A. characterization.

The Soul-drenched beat (made by Jussi Jaakola) hints at the new side of R.A., who rhymes just as aggressively as he always has—and refuses to tuck in his bravado, or downplay his supreme skill. After all, this song was written and recorded before fatherhood—during the days that the video’s opening and closing segments allude to. It is this style of rapping that has allowed the Rugged Man to endure an industry that was afraid of him, and now it provides for the latest addition to his family.

R.A. The Rugged Man & Tom Thum Revive The MC & Beatbox Collabo (Video)

Method Man, Tech N9ne, Mobb Deep’s Havoc, Nardwuar The Human Serviette, make cameos—all discussing some of those crazy antics that make R.A. just so rugged.

This is right on time for the upcoming Father’s Day—so let Ambrosia For Heads be among the first to wish a happy holiday to R.A.