GZA Proves That A Genius Only Speaks If There Is Something Worth Saying (Audio)

Within the Wu-Tang Clan, there are prolific MCs and patient MCs. While Raekwon, Ghostface Killah, and RZA regularly release material, other entities within the legendary Shaolin collective are more choosy. None appears more so than GZA. It has been eight years since the first Clansmen who released a solo album has added to his catalog. That may be changing.

Today, Babygrande Records (with whom GZA released Pro Tools) unveiled “The Spark.” A collaboration with NASA, the song finds the Brooklyn, New Yorker in full-on “Genius” mode. Gary Grice is a verbal scientist, and one who is the only wordsmiths in Hip-Hop who could possibly use the Juno Mission (which arrives in Jupiter’s orbit on Monday July 4) to prompt lyrical liftoff.

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“The Spark” is produced by Paul Ryder and Jesse Pritchett.

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