Nas’ Album Is Done & Khaled Has The Single To Prove It (Audio)

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Yesterday (July 27), DJ Khaled confirmed that Miss Lauryn Hill helped clear a Fugees sample for his upcoming Major Key album (July 29). In that interview, Khaled said that the “Fu-Gee-La” riff would be woven into Nas’ appearance on the star-studded Epic Records compilation.

One day later, “Nas Album Done” reaches the masses. Sample aside, it’s the lyrics and intensity that make this moment special—along with the message. For those hungry for a charged up Nasir Jones, this is that. Spotted at HipHopDX, the MC uses the moment, with L-Boogie’s distorted vocals from The Score to channel Khaled’s album theme, and let the world know that he’s just warming up, again.

Short bars, crystal clear images of grandeur, and Queensbridge confidence drive this verse. Check out some of these excerpts:

Now everywhere, all I see is ‘Pablo’ ‘Esco’ / Last time I checked, I was still breathin’ / My neck still freezin’ / Now everybody got an Escobar Season / To every baby on an album cover existin’ / This trend I was settin’, it came to fruition / I’m insistin’ / To push the culture forward.

Clearly, Nasty Nas is well aware of some of the moves from his homies, Kanye West, Game, Lil Wayne, and Kendrick Lamar. Mr. Jones reminds everybody that he’s here, and has been doing it for 25 years and counting.

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Nas last released Life Is Good in 2012. That’s a four-year wait from one of Hip-Hop’s most beloved writers and rhymers. Nasty Nas’ twelfth solo LP is officially on the horizon lines.