A Founding X-Ecutioner Moves The Crowd With Dance Hits That Can’t Be Faded (Mix)

Mista Sinista (f/k/a Joe Sinista) made a name for himself working as an elite scratch-master alongside Common, the Beatnuts, and dead prez. Since 1989, the DJ/turntablist (and onetime MC) was part of X-Ecutioners, alongside the late Roc Raida, Rob Swift, and DJ Total Eclipse. There, the group would become mix stars, and sign a high-profile Loud Records contract.

Now on his own, Mista Sinista is still lethal behind the cross-fader. This week, he released Stuck In The Past. The four-part mix finds the Queens, New Yorker playing dance-driven grooves from the 1980s and a few from the ’70s. Heads can hear Evelyn “Champagne” King, Change, Steve Arrington, Denise Williams, Anita Ward, Billy Ocean, Irene Cara, Steve Miller Band, Reverend Al Green, El Debarge, and Earth Wind & Fire, among many other artists.

“Stuck in the past” is a cruel way to put celebrating classic records that are dedicated to the art of moving butts.

Sinista lets the music play, but reminds Heads that he’s Hip-Hop to the bone, and adjusts the mix, cuts, scratches, and flexes his skills throughout. The mix is available for purchase.

Spotted at ego trip!.

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Heads can find more Mista Sinista goodness at his artist page.