Your Old Droog & the Doppelgangaz Batter Some West Coast Old School (Audio)

Together, Matter Ov Fact and EP comprise the Doppelgangaz, a duo known for their grimy rhymes and even nastier in-house production. The Orange County, New York team released the “Gangaz 4 Life” video in early 2016 in support of their 2015 tape, Beats for Brothers Vol. 3. In the time since, Vol. 3.5 has arrived, comprised of 14 tracks heavy enough to warrant a Vol. 4. Nevertheless, fans are eagerly anticipating their next LP, and a release today should tide Heads over, and then some.

The Doppelgangaz Live Rugged on This 90’s Throwback Track (Video)

Featuring Your Old Droog, “Batteram (Doppystyle)” is a bruising revisit to a West Coast Old School anthem. In 1985, South Central Los Angeles MC Toddy Tee dropped “Batterram,” a fierce street hit that documented the police department’s violent treatment of Black and Brown residents of the area amidst the crack epidemic, namely the armed vehicles they used to break down the doors of suspected crack houses. The song – which was making noise years before N.W.A. – also served as inspiration to Ice-T, and now it seems a new generation has picked the classic record up and have run with it.

New York City area fans can check out Your Old Droog performing live on Friday, July 15 at the JUICE Hip-Hop Exhibition organized by the Brooklyn Hip-Hop Festival.