Ambrosia for Heads’ Founder Reggie Williams Shares His Personal Story & Philosophy (Audio)

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Reggie Williams has spent nearly 20 years in the music industry. Armed with the keen insight and experience acquired from spending so many years as an industry insider, he launched Ambrosia For Heads (AFH) in 2010. With “ambrosia” being the food of the Greek gods, and “heads” being those in the know, he he envisioned AFH as a place for Hip-Hop Heads to come for proper nourishment, without having to fight through the junk. Six years later, Ambrosia for Heads has blossomed into a multi-faceted platform with millions of monthly visitors but despite all of its success and expansion, the founding philosophy has remained the same.

Williams’ vision for the website and much more of his professional and personal journeys were on tap on a recent two-part episode of Rory Verrett’s Protégé Podcast. In part one, he details his early childhood in small-town conservative Indiana, his foray into the Ivy League, his earliest memories of MTV and BET, and at the 30:00 mark, he begins to divulge the backstory of AFH. Its genesis comes from his long-held belief that all media was ultimately going to be piped through the internet. “Ambrosia for Heads is the first of several networks that I’m launching. Some people see it as a blog. Some people see it as a website. I’ve always seen it as a network.” Reggie makes note of the highly curated and contextualized offering of editorial content that can already be found. But, as he goes on to share, there is far more in Ambrosia for Heads’ future.

Part two of the interview details Reggie’s illustrious career and the lessons he learned along the way to get to where he is today (and where he plans to go next).

For more episodes of the Protégé Podcast, Heads can visit its official website.