Ghostface Killah Spits The Kind Of Verses That Have Made Him A Legend Worldwide (Video)

Ghostface Killah is quite the collaborator in the 2010s. The Staten Island, New York lyrical master works with a host of artists, producers, and even musicians well outside of the Hip-Hop genre. Teaming with veteran instrumental Down-tempo/Funk creator Wax Tailor, G.F.K. gets fitted with the right kind of track.

“Worldwide” is the perfect testament to Ghost’s willingness to creatively travel. He spits just the kind of verses fans love from the Wu-Tang Clan swordsman. His lyrics are sharp, and Wax uses guitars, drums, and keys that are reminiscent to some of the stuff G.F.K. has done with DangerDOOM, Hi-Tek, and other outside collaborators.

Ghost is not in Tailor’s video (which uses animation), but it’s grabbing all the same.

Ghostface Killah, Twista & Cassidy Smash A Cypher Like Legends (Video)

This single belongs to By Any Beats Necessary, coming October 14. R.A. The Rugged Man and A-F-R-O also appear.

Spotted at ego trip!.