Snow Tha Product’s Masterful Spanish Rapping Is A Wake Up Call For English-Only Speakers (Video)

For more than five years, Snow The Product has become one of the hardest rapping lyricists of her generation. However, unlike most Hip-Hop artists with major label backing, Snow raps in two languages. The San Jose, California native and Mexican-American MC cut her teeth in the early 2000s showcasing her flows in Spanish and English. She has since ascended to work with Joell Ortiz, Kxng Crooked, and Tech N9ne, among others.

On new video single “Despierta” (which translates to “Awake”), Snow manages to showcase her talents, while apparently making a bigger point. While Ambrosia For Heads is not a Spanish as a first language staff, it certainly appears that this moment is art, bigger than simply playing to a new crowd. It is not a random choice that she uses a political setting for the visual. At a time, when Mexico and boarder crossing is under major political scrutiny by some, Snow plays on that idea, before delivering her message in rapid-fire Spanish.

Snow Tha Product Is Tired of Waiting for People to Wake Up (Video)

There are more Spanish speakers in the United States in 2016 than any other country. Projections forecast that by 2050, Spanish will be the most popular language in the US. The theme of sleeping and woke is a big part of Snow’s rise as of late. She has already branded the #WokeAF movement, and she appears to be pulling people out of slumbers surrounding her talent, and the world at large. As she told Sway In The Morning last month, being woke is a good thing. Then, the artist explained that the term is “all about being aware, being awake, being conscious, being cognizant. Knowing that there’s opportunities.”

Just as she shows a skill that’s an inherent part of who she is, “Despierta” (which is not on her latest EP) may also be a very literal reminder why Snow Tha Product is the future. Whether or not you know the language, this artist will be heard.