The Roots Quench Fans’ Thirst For New Music With A Release That’s Bittersweet (Audio)

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It’s been more than two years since The Roots released a new album. Though they blessed fans with “Champion” for the NBA Finals, fans are still thirsty for new music from Hip-Hop’s premier band. Today (8/3), Black Thought, Questlove, Captain Kirk, Tuba Gooding, Kamal, and the rest of the gang drop a two-sided, vinyl (or cassette) themed single.

“Bittersweet” features two mixes of the same song—the “bitter” and the “sweet.” They leave it to the Heads to say which is which.

Side A:

Side B:

Side A has a Funk knock, perhaps tapping into some of the riff from Bill Withers’ “Lovely Day.” Side B has a brassier feel, keeping things a bit more upbeat.

Even though Black Thought’s rhymes never lose sight of the fact that this is promotional for Stella Artois beer, the lyrics are gentle, and make this this moment about the party and vibe more than the branding. This could just as easily fit into a Roots album or concert set.

I started off as a trend-setter and I’m still one / So for the love and support, thanks a million.

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Cheers to The Roots crew for more complex and refreshing new music.