Yasiin Bey Shows He’s At His Best Making Powerful Thought-Provoking Music (Video)

Last month, A Tribe Called Red released its high profile single with Yasiin Bey (f/k/a Mos Def) and Narcy. “R.E.D.” serves as an uplifting anthem for the indigenous people of the world. With percussion from Black Bear, this song fuses genres and two MCs of different backgrounds with a common message—respect the originators of all things, from Hip-Hop to nations.

For the video, Yasiin and Narcy extend their point with lots of expressions and action. Whether in the desert or the city of Cape Town, South Africa, these two MCs make their premise globally tangible. This is as direct as Yasiin has sounded, connecting his verbal essay to a number of Golden-Era Rap adages and phrases.

Yasiin Bey Releases A New Song About The Interminable Power Of Life (Audio)

Premiered at Pitchfork, this video single belongs to September 16’s We Are the Halluci Nation album.