YG & Drake Answer Their Own Question With a Video for the Haters

This has been a major summer for Compton, California’s YG, whose sophomore album Still Brazy has been making ways inside and outside Rap music. With “FDT,” he released a defiantly anti-Trump anthem with Nipsey Hussle. But when he enlisted G-Eazy and Macklemore for the song’s remix, he paired the song’s message with one of unification, and in so doing he has used his platform to get young people engaged in politics like few others of his generation have. He’s also been putting in work in his community through his 4Hundred Waze organization, a non-profit focused on disadvantaged youth in his hometown. But despite all of his success (or perhaps because of it), there is no shortage of haters and in his latest video, he enlists a few friends to join him in calling them out.

Donald Trump Is Just the Start. YG Is Ready To Take On the System.

“Why You Always Hatin?” is an opportunity for YG to not only boast about his accomplishments, but it’s also an admonishment to those who seem to thrive on taking down others. Featuring Drake and Oakland, California’s Kamaiyah, it’s a flashy video but it’s as humorous as it is ostentatious, and features a cameo from Ty Dolla $ign. In the opening scene, YG casually floats down from the sky in a chopper, with his legs calmly dangling as if it’s the most normal thing in the world. Ridiculous banquets, insane whips, and beautiful women abound are ever present, but they all take a backseat to the song’s main point, which YG sums up with “why you hatin’ on the progress?”

In the last scene, YG waits for someone on the other line to pick up, but they never do. Perhaps he’s suggesting that despite all of the flash and flare, there’s is always a yen for something just out of reach.