Moment Of Truth: Luke Cage’s Gang Starr Episode Titles Revealed (Video)

Today (September 30), marks the premiere of the much anticipated Luke Cage, an episodic series following the Marvel superhero of the same name and starring Mike Colter, Mahershala Ali, Alfre Woodard, and others. For all the waves its making in the world of comic-book fandom, the show has been getting sensational attention from the Hip-Hop community, as well.

Method Man & Ali Shaheed Muhammad Talk Luke Cage’s Full Clip Of Hip-Hop Music (Video)

Earlier this year, news broke that Ali Shaheed Muhammad of A Tribe Called Quest and celebrated composer Adrian Younge were partnering on the series for its music development, which has been described as imbuing the show with a “’90s Hip-Hop vibe.” Shortly thereafter, an announcement was made that each of the show’s episodes would be named after a Gang Starr song, resulting in overwhelming enthusiasm from Heads.

Episodes Of Marvel’s Luke Cage Series Will Be Named After Gang Starr Songs

Now, the titles of the 13 episodes have been revealed, and fans of DJ Premier and the late, great Guru will not be disappointed. The titles are as follows:

1) Moment of Truth
2) Code of the Streets
3) Who’s Gonna Take the Weight
4) Step in the Arena
5) Just to Get a Rep
6) Suckas Need Bodyguards
7) Manifest
8) Blowin’ Up the Spot
10) Take it Personal
11) Now You’re Mine
12) Soliloquy of Chaos
13) You Know my Steez

For those who have yet to begin binge watching, the latest trailer provides some scintillating previews of what to be expected, including a cameo from Method Man.

Heads can also check out lead star Mike Colter’s interview with the Breakfast Club here.

Should (although, based on the excitement surrounding the show’s arrival, perhaps the better word is “when”) the series be picked up for more seasons, after which ’90s Hip-Hop artist should future episodes be titled?