Master P Has Advice For Lil Wayne & Birdman And Says He & Wayne Have A New Record (Video)

On August 27, Lil Wayne organized and performed at the second annual Lil’ Weezyana Festival in his hometown of New Orleans, Louisiana. Embraced by an adoring crowd, he made his ongoing dispute with former music and business partner Birdman known, saying “fuck Cash Money,” resulting in an uproarious response from the throngs of supporters in the audience.

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Just a few days later, he repeated those words on stage in Houston, Texas, where he made a surprise appearance in support of his longtime collaborator, Drake. While there, he confirmed that his outspoken feelings were the driving influence behind his recent Twitter activity in which he alluded to being ready to retire from rapping. As reported by All Hip Hop, Weezy told the H Town crowd “before I leave y’all I want to say I know I’ll always have a home at Rap-A-Lot Records, and y’all know they’re fucking me over right now. So, before I go, I leave you with these kinds words: fuck Cash Money.”

Since then, Rap-A-Lot’s founder, James Prince, expressed support for Lil Wayne. In speaking with TMZ on September 15, he said of Weezy “he has gained an ally, and together we will get back all money owed to him and my son off the Drake albums.” If he did in fact move to the label that put the Geto Boys on the map, Lil’ Wayne would be joining forces with an imprint who in the past has famously worked with New Orleans artists like Juvenile and Turk.

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Master P, another New Orleans icon and one whose multi-decade career in the game has made him one of the most influential players in Rap history, recently spoke on the Birdman-Lil Wayne dispute, sitting down with Hip Hop DX’s Justin Hunte. Though not directly involved with the beef in question, the No Limit Records founder has an extensive history with both parties, and he shared his frank opinion about the issue, telling DX that maybe somebody like Prince should in fact get involved in order to bring some kind of resolution to the problem.

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“What is y’all fightin’ over?,” Master P says, is a question that Lil Wayne and Birdman should consider asking themselves. “Y’all did this together, you know. I feel like y’all should just figure it out,” he says. He acknowledges that, even if Prince is able to bring about a form of mediation between the two embattled men, ultimately the decision to reconcile is “going to be on them.” As a team, Master P says, the two have contributed a tremendous amount of history for Hip-Hop coming out of the south. “I think they just need to see that. They gotta work this out. It’s like a marriage,” he explains. “It’s like, I gotta work things out with my ex wife for my kids, ’cause it ain’t even about me no more,” he says suggesting that the two should consider moving forward to benefit the fans.

He remains positive, saying “I think they gonna eventually work it out, because they’re hurting themselves. They’re both losing money. I think Lil Wayne is probably one of the biggest artists in the world, and ain’t nobody going to be able to take that away from him,” he says. “And I think that, with Baby, he built something from Louisiana, and I think people gotta respect that. Together, they made something powerful, and now they gotta figure out how to go separate ways with it.”At the 2:10 mark, P shares that he and Lil Wayne have been working together recently, and that there is new music on the way. “I got another record with him that we worked on, so you know, shout out to the lil’ homie, I definitely want to see him win,” he says, mincing no words in throwing support behind his friend.

P is also generous in dispensing advice, and with his incredible pedigree, one would be remiss as an artist not to take heed. What’s important in forging relationships in the industry, he says, is to remove any sense of financial allegiance from the onset. “When it’s just about money, you find out you’re gonna break up. You’re gonna get a divorce, ’cause there was no real love in it. And that’s what I had to realize,” he says. “I think that’s the problem they’re starting to see,” he says of Birdman and Wayne. “If somebody love you, they gonna figure out like ‘you know what? Let’s just do the right thing, ’cause we gotta be around each other 24/7 anyway.'” Money being the root of all evil is what’s coming to light in their ongoing battle, he argues. Money “destroys families. It destroys everything. And sometimes people don’t realize the man might be going through something.”

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It’s then that Master P brings his native city into the discussion, explaining how it relates to his perspective on business. “I come from a hurricane town. So it’ll wash everything away and you gotta start over. I don’t mind getting back up and picking up the pieces, you know what I’m sayin’? A lot of people don’t wanna do that.”Also important is having “better friends around you,” so that “when that hurricane comes, you gotta be able to pick up the phone and whoever got love for you, they gotta show that love…we gotta clear our circles out if we got phonies and fakes in our circle, and I think that’s what a lot of people are starting to experience.”

His advice doesn’t end there.

Lil Wayne also took to the booth recently to express his sentiments, releasing what may be the most personal and vulnerable record of his career. Heads can hear “Grateful” by visiting YouTube.

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