Rapper Big Pooh Is Still Putting Nottz Beats On Smash (Audio)

Last year, Rapper Big Pooh released Home Sweet Home with fellow Virginia native Nottz. Pooh and Nottz go back, a decade back, in the form of Little Brother’s “Life Of The Party.” The two have made plenty more music since. Together, Pooh and Nottz Raw pave a way for Jamaica Queens, New York native Villain Notsha on “Untrue.”

The support holds strong. As Nottz chops down a 1960s Pop standard that Heads know from The Doors, Jose Feliciano, and Ms. Lauryn Hill, Pooh gets cozy in the pocket—referencing New Jack City, tracing IP addresses of his haters, and tells followers to show love for a better life.

Blu, Rapper Big Pooh & Nottz Carry Some Sweet Soul Across Oceans (Audio)

Home Sweet Home remains available for full stream.