After Years Of Staying True To Himself, Skyzoo Remains Realer Than Most (Video)

Skyzoo is an MC whose music basks in reality. The Brooklyn, New Yorker may flirt with well-executed concepts (such as being Jay Z’s enemy’s son in a “Friend Or Foe” update) or paying deep respects to Spike Lee, but at his core, S-K-Y raps about his life uncompromisingly.

This week, the Barrel Brothers co-founder released a video for Washington, D.C. production duo The Other Guys. The team of Mighty Joe and Isaiah “Insanate” Mensah have laced tracks for Sadat X, Homeboy Sandman, and Tanya Morgan. With Skyzoo, they integrate hard brass hits, a purebred Hip-Hop scratch chorus, and lots of Jazz sounds for “Realer Than Most.” Skyzoo is comfortable with the label, and conversationally lays down evidence why he strives to kick the realness.

Apollo Brown, Skyzoo & Joell Ortiz Spare More Than a Couple Dollars’ Worth of Inspiration (Audio)

For the visual, Sky’ delivers his bars to the camera lens in a simple but effective way to showcase his wordplay and songwriting sincerity.

This single belongs to the album, Life In Analog, recently released on HipNott Records and available for full stream.