Plenty MCs Have Made Artistic & Personal Comeback Songs. Slaine’s Is Different. (Video)

Slaine released his comeback EP this weekend, Slaine Is Dead. Recorded amidst a fight for sobriety and other personal improvements, the veteran Boston, Massachusetts MC and actor heard about his absence. The La Coka Nostra member released the video for the title track—set in a graveyard. Up against the wall of naysayers, a fickle and fast-paced industry, and his own crippling demons, Slaine goes in. This song is the MC saying everything bad about him, so others can’t. And he does so with a really sharp delivery, and aggressive Boston brawler’s cadence.

With a new lease on life, this may be a career resurrected in the eyes of the artist.

Slaine Confronts His Sobriety While Looking The Pusher Dead In The Eye (Video)

As a note, La Coka will release To Thine Own Self Be True on November 4.