Token May Be A Student But He’s Schooling MCs With His Skills (Audio)

In less than one year, Token has transformed from an emerging freestyle performance sensation to a fully decorated MC on a mission. Transitioning from viral videos to recorded music based around his life and times, the Massachusetts microphone mercenary gears up for Eraser Shavings. Today, it was revealed that Token’s first ever project will arrive in just days, on September 23.

Following video single “Happiness,” the just-released track “Mass Reform” is said to be the last single before the mixtape release. In the first verse it appears that he is clearing the table and getting a few things off of his chest. “They say I’m good for my age, fuck outta here / If I was double your age, I’d be takin’ your spot.” Moments later, 17 year-old Token spits, “I got so many quoteables the DJ wants to drop the beat on my entire verse / I tell him bring it back or he’s gettin’ slapped / These other rappers givin’ ’em wack / Music and I’ll just give him a whack / He’ll stumble and fall / It’s all good, us minors don’t get in trouble at all.

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Age and expectation are big themes in the song. While Token is young, that does not mean he is impressionable. The MC has made it far beyond most peers approaching their first project, and he’s done it on his own terms. Hip-Hop is a competitive sport, and Token refuses to be on the junior circuit. At 2:20, the lyricist turns on the boosters and says that he does not need anything, even a breath-break in his verses. And, in a dazzling display, he proves it too.

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The track is produced by Token’s team of Jon Glass and Nox.

The tracklisting for Token’s Eraser Shavings is as follows:

1. Self Taught
2. Happiness
3. Necessary Evil
4. Method
5. Exception
6. Waist Down (Extended Version)
7. Stop Hitting Me
8. Mommas Favorite Chair
9. Shyea
10. Real Man
11. #Badmemory
12. Just A Couple More Words
13. Shavings
14. Perfect
15. Mass Reform
16. Lost
17. Self Made