Ab-Soul Televises The Revolution In A Charged Video For “Huey Knew”

Ab-Soul released “Huey Knew” late last month. The Top Dawg Entertainment artist, and the quietest member of Black Hippy the last two years made up for his hiatus in a big way. Featuring onetime Curren$y and A$AP Mob affiliate Da$h, this single catches Soulo up on the world around him. Referencing the theme to The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air at the beginning, the Carson, California MC nods to Star Trek, Robin Hood, and Sherlock Holmes in his dazzling wordplay surrounding observations of the world through his third eye.

Da$h does not appear in the visual. However, the black-and-white music video references a famous photograph of Black Panther Party co-founder Huey P. Newton with chair and wardrobe. Clearly, Ab sees himself creating an organization that can overturn the evil in the establishment. Cleverly, during the Fresh Prince reference, the same chair allusion to Newton appears to also reference Will Smith’s throne in the TV series intro. Soulo is clever, cogent, and making up for time he lost with the likely first single to his fourth album.

Kendrick Lamar, Ab-Soul, Earl Sweatshirt & Danny Brown Get Real On A Black Milk Beat (Audio)

#BonusBeat: The powerful first verse to “Huey Knew”, care of Rap Genius:

They speak highly of me when I raise my voice
I gotta shoot a fucking free throw to make my point
My wittiness leave ’em stuck in the wilderness
You need a backwood to roll to this joint
I’m Robin Hood in Robin jeans, you follow me?
Never mind I’m tired of tight analogies
Still in pursuit of happiness in the midst of the madness
With middle fingers to bitches with badges that go oink
(Yeah! Yeah!)
I’m on the fence with common sense
My logic is sound, Spock of the 90746
No shit, Sherlock
Remind ’em of Han Solo on the battlefront
Everybody behind Soulo and they backin’ up
I just threw my two-step, let her back it up
Go on back it up, go on back it up…
You dry snitchin’, I’m sliding in something moist
You annoy these women, I anoint these women
You stressin’ em, I schedule an appointment with ’em
They let me cut so much, I bring ointment nigga
I’m lubricant slick baby
I’m hornier than the brass section of the band, you understand?
Pick your poison, it’s your choice.