Buckshot & DJ Evil Dee Are in the Studio Making New Black Moon Music (Video)

Brooklyn, New York’s Black Moon is one of Hip-Hop’s most celebrated trios, and one whose contributions to the borough’s signature dark and brooding underground sound continue to influence MCs today. Comprised of Buckshot, 5ft and DJ Evil Dee, the Duck Down Music group first appeared with 1992’s “Who Got Da Props?,” housed on the group’s debut LP, 1993’s Enta Da Stage. In the years since, the group has released a handful of projects, and each of the three members has pursued side projects and solo work. But this week, it appears the group has reunited in the studio to work on new music under the Black Moon name, signaling the first such work in a decade.

Listen To The History Of Black Moon In 3 Minutes (Audio)

As reported by Duck Down on October 1 (and seen at egotrip), Buckshot and Evil Dee used a rare natural phenomenon called a black moon as an occasion to hit the studio together. With camera in hand, Duck Down filmed parts of the session in which Evil Dee can be seen working on beats, while the lyrical gears inside Buckshot’s mind begin turning.

Official word on when Heads can except the new music is still pending, but upon its arrival it will be following up 2006’s Alter The Chemistry, a mixtape matching Black Moon vocals to production from 9th Wonder.