Hillary Clinton & Charlamagne Talk Death Row Meme & Her Response May Surprise You (Video)

Moments after taking the stage at the third presidential debate on October 19, Hillary Clinton became the subject of what may be the greatest Hip-Hop-meets-politics meme of all time. In it, her wardrobe choices for each of the three debates is matched up against uncannily similar outfits worn by Death Row Records heavyweights Suge Knight, Snoop Dogg, and Tupac Shakur. The meme includes the caption “we gone sit here and act like Hillary Clinton ain’t been representing Death Row Records at all 3 debates?” and it was received with uproarious laughter across social media. In fact, its success freed it from the confines of existing only in the online Hip-Hop community – it actually became the subject of a remarkable exchange between Clinton herself and the Breakfast Club.


Earlier today (October 26), Clinton visited Charlamagne, DJ Envy, and Angela Yee for a return visit to Power 105.1FM. Heads may recall the Democratic nominee for president visited the Breakfast Club several months ago, and in a now-infamous exchange, Charlamagne asked Clinton to comment on the criticism that she panders to Black voters, a comment he made after she shared that she always carries hot sauce in her purse. However today’s interview carried it with it moments of levity (along with serious political discourse about criminal-justice reform, police brutality, and much more, to which the majority of the interview is devoted) in which Clinton is shown the Death Row meme. And her reaction may surprise you.

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Near the 18:00 mark, Charlamagne asks her to comment on recent Saturday Night Live skits in which cast member Kate McKinnon famously impersonates Secretary Clinton. “I think they did a great job. It wasn’t hard to make fun of those debates,” says Clinton. “We try to find something to laugh about every day,” she says, which is when Charlamagne asks “you look at the memes?” After responding that yes, she does in fact look at “some of them,” Charlamagne pulls up the meme on his phone, and Clinton responds with a belly laugh that seems to be proof of genuine, authentic appreciation for the creative humor it contains. “Was that on purpose? You a fan of Death Row Records?” Charlamagne asks. “Well, you know, I think Death Row and other fashion sources have inspired my look, don’t you?” she responds, suggesting she doesn’t realize it is in fact an infamous record label and not a clothing line. Nevertheless, it’s a refreshing moment from a candidate who has been criticized in the past for seeming overly rehearsed and humorless.

And the yuks don’t stop there. Charlamagne, wearing a shirt featuring a photo of Clinton in which she’s sporting a New York Yankees cap, asks her to explain (Clinton has long since professed her love of the Chicago Cubs). After sharing the history behind it, Charlamagne brings up a meme featuring the same image, the caption reading “I need your votes, deadass,” pointing to his shirt and saying “this is dope though, ’cause it’s very New York,” explaining to her the significance of deadass as a piece of New York slang. Again she laughs, saying “that’s a good one.”

With just over two weeks to the election, some may be considering voting for whoever made that meme.